The Mission Statement

The Guide School of Montana's fly fishing philosophy is to teach commitment and dedication throughout all aspects of guiding. Our fly fishing instructors emphasize professionalism, hard work, patience and creativity. It is our hope that all of our students are successful, and go on to become the best fly fishing guides possible. We demand this level of service from ourselves, and from our students.


Spring School: March 15-22, 2016
Rate: $2,750.00
We will be on the Bitterroot River, Missouri River, Clark Fork River Driftboat/Raft/Wade

Fall School: Oct 10-17, 2016
Rate: $2,750.00
We will be on the Clark Fork River, Blackfoot River, Missouri River Driftboat/Raft/Wade

Here is what you can expect to learn from our 6 day / 7 night session:

Fly Tying

Techniques, Tools and Materials
We will instruct you on the various techniques, materials and tools essential for tying flies. Instruction will include how to be effective and efficient utilizing methods and materials. Learn effective and efficient procedures will allow you to create Dry Flies, Wet Flies, Soft Hackles, Emergers, Nymphs, Terrestrials, and more.

Basic and Advanced Casting

Demonstrate and analyze the various type of casting
The art of casting is crucial to learn as a fly fisherman and as an instructor. You will learn the various techniques needed to effectively demonstrate and analyze casting. You will learn forward casting, roll casting and other techniques used for effective fly casting.

Rowing Skills

Learn how to put your client in a position to succeed!
As a guide, it is imperative to put your clients in a position of success. Your effectiveness and efficiency at rowing will be the difference between putting your client into a position for success, or the cause of your client's frustration because you could not manage the boat properly. We will show you how to manage your boat so that you can put your clients in a position of success.

Entomology / Fly Selection and Presentation

Know your bugs; know what to use.
The difference between a successful fishing trip may come down to what bugs the fish are going after. Learn how to identify the hatch, or the sub-surface nymph, identify the closest fly in your supplies to use, and present the fly in an effective strategy.

Client / Guide Interaction

The client comes first.
The reality of a Guide is "less fishing, more assisting". There is great enjoyment in helping your clients achieve their dream fishing excursion. Our instructors maintain their Guide businesses, and they will provide you with direction on how to interact with your clients before, during and after the trip.

Angling / Guiding Etiquette

When is the right time to help?
When is the right time to jump in and help land a fish? How do I show them a better method for casting or landing a fish? There are many more questions that will arise during your time as a Guide. Our instructors will share several methods and their philosophy to ensure your clients have the best possible fishing experience.

Safety and Preparedness Skills

What you need and what to prepare for.
It is difficult to be prepared for every possible situation that could arise. However, there are some challenges and important gear that are necessary to be prepared for each trip you take. We will give you some ideas of what to expect to go wrong when you plan for and take your clients on a trip.