List of equipment to bring during your term:

  • Fly rod(s) 4,5 or 6 weight
  • Fly boxes, tying equipment
  • Clothing for a range of weather conditions
  • Waders and raincoat – if you don’t have waiters, then consider:
  • Sleeping bag

Looking for the kind of gear we use, then check out:  MOFO


Lodging for the guide school will be either at the Clark Fork River Lodge or at the Prewett Creek Inn.  Depending on the time of year, we will be utilizing the Clark Fork, Bitterroot, Rock Creek and Missouri Rivers. During our schools we will practice skills on a number of different streams.

We will transport you from the Missoula or Spokane airport to Clark Fork River Lodge. All transportation,meals, Flies, Fly tying materials, First aid Cert. are included in the tuition cost.

We will assist you in meeting lodge owners, outfitters and fly shops that are looking for our graduated guides.

Visit Clark Fork River Lodge for more information about lodging arrangements.

We will supply…

We will supply leaders, tippet, flies and tying materials. We have plenty of vises and tools, but it is preferable for you to learn the nuances of your own equipment. Please bring your own tying gear if you are able.

  • Fly tying: Guides should know how to tie a fly. It’s what often makes a so-so day excellent. Learn how to tie effective dry, nymph and streamer patterns from superb fly tying instructors. All materials and equipment will be provided.
  • Knot tying: You will learn how to tie knots faster than anyone else on the river. This something that will impress most angling clients. Learn the blood, surgeons, clinch, Albright, perfection loop, etc.
  • Fly-casting: The bottom line is that you must be a better angler than your client. Our FFF certified casting instructors will teach you how to be a great caster, learning the roll cast, reach cast and men, steeple cast, back handed cast, etc.
  • Fishing Skills: You will learn entomology, which fly to use and why, where fish hold at different times of the day, and season, how to teach a client to present a fly to trout in a variety of conditions.
  • Guiding skills: Guiding is so much more than just catching fish. You will learn how to read clients’ verbal and non-verbal language, and how to adapt to their needs. Anyone can row a boat from put-in to take-out, but being a good guide is so much more complex.