• Guide School of Montana will instruct you on becoming a Fly Fishing Guide.

    Fly Fishing Guide School of Montana

    Welcome to western Montana's most comprehensive fly fishing guide school.
  • Learn how to become a Montana Fly Fishing Guide from some of the best.

    Guide School of Montana

    Learn how to fish like a guide!
  • Learn to be a fly fishing guide and fly fishing outfitter.

    Fly Fishing, Boat Skills, Fly Tying and more...

    Be better. Learn more. Fish like a boss!
Basics to Guiding
Fly tying, Basic and Advanced Casting, Rowing Skills
Entomology / Fly Selection and Presentation, Client / Guide Interaction
Etiquette and Safety
Angling / Guiding Etiquette, Safety / Preparedness Skills
The Education
6 days / 7 nights of Guide School with some of the best guides and fly fishing experts in the country.

Guide School of Montana: Learn how to be a Fly Fishing Guide

The Guide School of Montana's fly fishing philosophy is to teach commitment and dedication throughout all aspects of guiding. Our fly fishing instructors emphasize professionalism, hard work, patience and creativity. It is our hope that all of our students are successful, and go on to become the best fly fishing guides possible. We demand this level of service from ourselves, and from our students.

Fly Tying

Our instructors will teach you various techniques, materials and tools essential for tying flies.


The art of casting is crucial to learn as a fly fisherman and as a guide.

Rowing Skills

As a guide, it is imperative to put your clients in a position of success.

Fly Selection

The difference between a successful fishing trip may come down to what bugs the fish are going after.

Guide Interaction

There is great enjoyment in helping your clients achieve their dream fishing excursion.

Guiding Etiquette & Safety

Our instructors will share several methods and their philosophy to ensure your clients have the best possible fishing experience.